Powering Up: Unveiling the Advantages of Upgrading Your Home's Electrical Panel

The home’s electrical panel is an important part of the electrical system that helps to distribute your home’s power throughout and prevents surges through the circuit breaker. When the electrical panel is not functioning as it should, the required power is not achieved, and there will be excess power. 

However, it is good to know that you have some expert electricians to assist you when you need them most. When you contact us here at iConduit Electric, we can review the benefits of upgrading your home’s electrical panel.

You Get A Safer Electrical Panel

With your electrical panel being old or never having an upgrade, it will be a breath of fresh air to have a new one installed. Not only will the new electrical panel be able to provide modern needs, but the new design will also make it a lot safer.

Regardless of the panel not posing any threat, upgrading before safety issues arise is a good idea. The good thing is that the benefits of new panels are plentiful. Other than safety, you can have future homeowners rest assured after telling them it was recently upgraded and possibly increased the home’s value.

Reliable Power Supply

The home has a reliable power supply when the electrical panel is upgraded. Besides eliminating problems such as lights flickering or a black-out, the new panel can also allow more appliances and electronics to be connected safely and with no concern of causing damage, tripping a breaker, or having a fuse blown. Having a reliable power supply also protects your appliances from any power surge. This can lead to your appliances lasting much longer without worrying about having costly electrical repairs.

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Your Upgraded Electrical Panel Can Save Money

When you want to renovate or remodel your home, having a new electrical panel is a good idea. Having a new panel will be the difference in saving you money when you want to build. You can also have a sub-panel put in to cover additional space, which can also help keep costs down. A new electrical panel will always be needed when there is an increase in the load, such as new appliances like a water heater or air conditioner. As home renovation is underway, it is important to remember that if your appliance needs a 240V circuit, an electrical panel must be upgraded.

Homeowner’s Insurance Is Lower

An upgraded electrical panel that is also up-to-code may also maintain a lower homeowner’s insurance premium. These savings are due to the increased safety the new panel provides the home. This safety eliminates any dangers of damage or accidents.

When you feel an upgrade is needed, you should schedule an upgrade with iConduit Electric. We’ll advise you on which decision is best for your specific panel.

Higher Amount of Outlets

Another one of the benefits of upgrading your home’s electrical panel is the increased amount of outlets you can have. Your kitchen and bathroom can benefit from GFCI outlets, making the home much safer. Using outlets that are grounded can provide safe performance and can involve the use of your electronics outdoors. Outlets that are GFCI will also keep you protected from water damage.

Your Home Is Within Code

An upgraded electrical panel enables your home to be within code and will eliminate fines when it comes time to inspect your home renovation. When your panel is upgraded, your home will be up-to-code and compliant with safety guidelines.

Grounding is Enhanced

Your upgraded electrical panel can improve its grounding and eliminate shocks it may have produced before. The new panel will have features that assist with grounding, and having insulation helps prevent shock hazards.

Energy Efficient

Your home’s energy efficiency can be improved tremendously by eliminating waste and improving the performance of your home’s electronics and appliances. Your newly upgraded panel can allow you to control energy use and lower your environmental impact.

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Get Your Home Electrical Panel Upgraded by iConduit Electric

With iConduit Electric, we’ll upgrade your electrical panel so that you can enjoy all of the above benefits. We’ll provide the best service no matter the size of your project and ensure that everything is custom so the electrical system can run efficiently. When you are ready, give us a call today to get started.

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