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iConduit Electric Services is pleased to provide our electrical services to the Northbrook region with over 15 years of expertise. We offer professional service at a fair price. When you hire and work with us, you can be sure that your electric job or new project will be completed quickly and expertly because it will be our top priority.
We provide excellent service from when you approach us until the service is finished, and we always follow through on our commitments. We take the time to understand your specific electrical needs and to provide tailored installation solutions that meet your needs.

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Quality Electrical Services

We service all electrical systems and have the knowledge and expertise for quality electrical replacement.
  • New Wiring
  • Electrical Repairs
  • Electrical Panel Upgrades
  • Tesla/EV chargers
  • Recessed Lighting
  • Light Fixture Replacement
  • Bathroom Lighting and Bath Fan Installation

Electrical safety is our top priority, and our licensed electrician will follow all the proper codes and regulations to ensure proper product repair and installation. We want satisfied customers and go above and beyond to give them the best service.

Licensed Northbrook Electricians

When you need a Northbrook electrician, look no further than iConduit Electric. We are a team of professional electricians in Northbrook, IL, with professionally installed electrical panels, circuit breakers, and outlets.
We are a small family-owned electrical service company with a team of professional, local electricians who believe in customer satisfaction. We want homeowners to love our work and be satisfied with the installation. We adhere to all safety precautions necessary for all electrical installations and maintenance so you can rely on us.
Our electricians are all properly certified, licensed, and bonded. We keep track of updated codes and regulations and learn about new and emerging technologies for future projects that benefit our clients. We only hire the best electricians who take great pride in their work.
Northbrook residents can trust our expertise with our electrical expertise, and commercial business owners can enjoy the same excellent service and prices in their offices.

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Schedule Your Electrical Repair

During an electric repair, we typically follow a standard process to diagnose and fix the issue accurately. Here are the general steps that an electrician would take during a repair service:
Our electrical contractors begin every service call with a thorough inspection of the electrical system and equipment to identify the root cause of the problem. This can include visual inspection, testing, and asking the client questions.
The electrician will diagnose and explain the issue to the customer based on their professional evaluation. Once the problem has been diagnosed, the electrician will recommend a course of action for repair or replacement.
We always provide our Northbrook, IL, clients with a free estimate, including installing parts and labor required to fix the issue. We only start work once you are comfortable with the cost.
After making repairs or replacements, our professional electrician will test the electrical system to ensure it functions properly. This involves turning on light fixtures, appliances, and machinery to verify that they are working as expected. Our electricians will also check for electrical problems to ensure the repaired equipment or system functions safely.
If the job involves bringing the electrical system up to code by installing new electrical components, the electrician will verify that the system complies with local electrical codes and regulations. They will also document the results of electrical repairs during the testing phase, including any identified issues and the steps taken.

Free Estimates For Large Electrical Work Projects

We never want our clients to worry about the project cost. We offer in-home consultations and free estimates on all large residential and commercial jobs.
Don’t have the cash on hand? We offer financing on any of our services so you can divide your payment into small sums. This makes it easier on you and your budget.

Commercial Services

iConduit Electric can help with commercial electrical in Northbrook, IL. We work with business owners to find the proper lighting and electrical solutions for their needs and work with their schedules to be as non-disruptive as possible. From planning and buildout to general maintenance, we are here to help.
We offer competitive pricing on all our products and services and give free estimates for any business project you need to be done. We’ve worked in small offices up to large corporations, and we provide the same excellent job to everyone.

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Why Choose iConduit Electric?

iConduit Electric proudly serves the Northbrook and Chicagoland area, including Highland Park, Glenview, Park Ridge, Morton Grove, Winnetka, Wilmette, Evanston, and more.
We provide residential and commercial services with the top electricians in Northbrook, IL, and we have many years of experience helping customers with their electrical needs. We strive to complete the work promptly at a competitive price. Contact us today to learn more about iConduit Electric in Northbrook, IL.

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