iConduit Electric Installs EV Chargers North Shore

Electric vehicles (EVs) are becoming increasingly popular as people look for ways to reduce their carbon footprint and save money on gas. If you own an EV, installing a home EV charger is one of the most convenient and cost-effective ways to charge it.

iConduit Electric has installed a number of electric vehicle charging stations in homes all over the North Shore area. Installing an EV charger at your home is a wise investment for any Electric Vehicle owner. It offers convenience, cost savings, increased range, and environmental benefits, making it an easy and practical way to power your car. iConduit Electric Installs EV Chargers North Shore

iConduit Electric Installs EV Chargers North Shore. Image of a Tesla charging.

Charging Stations At Your Fingertips

If you own an electric vehicle, a charging station installation is a great way to help increase the charge your car receives over time.
We provide electric vehicle charger installation in the North Shore area that can significantly boost the power being sent to recharge your car batteries, reducing your charging time and enhancing the power your car receives.
Homeowners appreciate the convenience they now have and no longer worry about searching Google or the Tesla app trying to find nearby charging station locations. Searching for one can be quite a journey, and the fast charging station can be out of the way. This causes panic and stress that they don’t need.

iConduit Electric LLC - Home EV charging station
iConduit Electric LLC - Tesla charging

Tesla Charger Certified

We are a Tesla Certified Installer, and we stand by our work. You can be sure that we will do an excellent job and that your charger will be installed and set up correctly, so you never have to worry about slow charging again.
While you can get a full eight hours of charge on your Tesla from your standard outlet, you will only average about 5-8 miles per sixty minutes of charge.
That’s not very significant, especially when you compare it to the fast charging stations, which can charge the car at 200 miles per thirty minutes of charge, and the destination chargers that you might find at hotels, EV charging stations, and parking lots, which can charge between 30 miles to 4 miles per hour.
Now, you can install a supercharger at your home, but it will cost you more than the car itself, so most customers opt for the standard Tesla Wall Connector. This wall connector will allow you to charge your Tesla at home at the same rate as other chargers you find out and about – between 30-44 miles of range per hour, depending on your model of Tesla.

Benefits of Adding an Electric Vehicle Charger



Charging your EV at your North Shore home is more convenient than finding a public charging station whenever you need to charge or plug in your car. With home EV charging stations, you can simply plug in your car and go about your day without worrying about finding a charging station location or waiting in line.
No longer will you have to navigate busy city streets or highways to find a charging station for your vehicle.


By installing an EV charging station, you are saving yourself time from having to park and wait around for your vehicle to receive a full charge. You can plug it in overnight and have it ready the following day.
You no longer have to plan your route according to a nearby EV charging station. Your EV charger is right at home.

iConduit Electric LLC - EV wall outlet charger
iConduit Electric LLC - Home EV charging station

Cost savings

Having an EV charging station at home is also more cost-effective than using public EV charging stations or gas. By charging your car at home, you can take advantage of lower electricity rates and avoid the higher costs associated with public charging stations.
Additionally, many utility companies offer special rates and incentives for EV owners who charge their electric cars at home.

Increased range

When you have a home EV charger, you can charge your car overnight, meaning you’ll wake up to a fully charged battery every morning. Knowing your vehicle is always ready to go can increase range and peace of mind.

Environmental benefits

By driving an EV and charging it with renewable energy sources such as solar panels, you can significantly reduce your carbon footprint and help to combat climate change.

North Shore Electric Car Charger Installation

Installing an EV charger at your home is wise for several reasons. Not only does it offer convenience and cost savings, but it also provides an increased range and environmental benefits. With an EV charging station at home, you can take advantage of lower electricity rates, avoid the higher costs of public charging stations, and wake up to a full car every morning.
We’re here to help ensure your electric vehicle charges quickly and safely in your garage. Want to learn more about how we can help? Contact iConduit Electric to speak with one of our licensed technicians.

iConduit Electric Installs EV Chargers North Shore. Image of a Tesla charging.

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